Air Freight Shipping from Sweden to Nigeria Airports in Lagos, Abuja and Kano

Distinctcushy Global handles all types of cargoes from all cities like Gothenburg, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Norrköping in Sweden to Nigeria. We Ship products ranging from  pharmaceutical, Harzardous goods, General goods, Agricultural equipment, petrol chemical equipments, computer accessories, raw materials for manufacturers and cars through Air freighters and  passengers aircrafts. We are professionals in handle all type of Air Freight shipping from Sweden to Nigeria. You can count on us to deliver without delays 


Let's handle your next Air Shipping from Sweden to Nigeria


Complete Door to Door Shipping from Sweden to Nigeria

Local Documentation

Before any of our cargo from Sweden to Nigeria arrives at the airport, we will process the nigeria customs clearance documents like Form M, PAAR, SONPC, SONCAP Certificates, Nafdac and other relevant government documents depending on the nature of the goods. We make sure all documents are ready before cargoes arrive to avoid delay in clearance process for all shipments from Sweden.

Clearance and Delivery

We deliver you cargo within 2-5 days either in NAhco or Sachol in Nigeria. We have what it takes delivery your goods without any delay for all cargoes from Sweden airports to Nigeria airport.

Our Air Shipping from Sweden to Nigeria Scope

Door to Port Shipping from Sweden to Nigeria

We Pickup from Sweden and Deliver to Airport in Nigeria

We understand you may have a company to assist you on customs clearance in Nigeria but needs a good freight Forwarder in Sweden to ship. We can assist in collection and ship your goods to any preffered airport in Nigeria from Sweden airports. We will use your shipping instructions as per your request. We will handover the Master Airway bill (MAWB) and House Airway Bill (HAWB) shipper's copy to you.


Let's Pickup and Ship your Goods from Sweden to Nigeria

Customs Clearance at Airport in Nigeria

We handle Customs clearance in either NAHCO or SAHCOL

As a reliable and experienced customs clearing agent in Nigeria. We have all it takes to process all customs and other agencies like Nafdac, SON, Quarantine and NESREA documents in all airport in Nigeria. We will take delivery of your shipments in either NAHCO or SAHCOL within 2-5 working days in Nigeria. You can contact us anytime to discuss your shipping needs at airports.  All we need is your MAWB and authorization to proceed for your shipping from Sweden to Nigeria. 


Let's handle your Clearing of aircargo in NAHCO or SAHCOL

List of International Airports in Sweden for shipping to Nigeria

Gothenburg, Sweden

Göteborg Landvetter Airport

Luleå, Sweden

Luleå Airport

Malmö, Sweden 

Malmö Airport



Norrköping, Sweden

Norrköping Airport

Östersund, Sweden

Åre Östersund Airport

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Stockholm, Sweden

Bromma Airport

Stockholm, Sweden

Skavsta Airport

Stockholm, Sweden

Västerås Airport

Visby, Sweden

Visby Airport

Sundsvall, Sweden

Sundsvall–Timrå Airport

Umeå, Sweden

Umeå Airport

Växjö, Sweden

Växjö Airport

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