5 important documents needed for imported goods in Nigeria

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Imported goods to Nigeria required some basic documents for both shipping and clearing process. Most importers are not aware of its importance even before placing orders with suppliers and online stores. These documents must be sorted out either by the importer or with the assistance of the freight forwarders involved. 

Imported must be knowledge on the best method to choose freight forwarding companies in order to reduce cost and get the goods safely to the port of destination for further shipping process. The documents needed must be timely to avoid demurrage from the country of origin of the goods.

List of 5 important documents for imported goods

The following are the 5 important documents needed for shipping process of goods to Nigeria

Form M – This is a document issue by CBN through commercial banks for import permit procedure. Which will states the product Harmonized Codes for customs import duty, the amount and other basic information. All imported goods to Nigeria must have Form M attached.  The importer or his agent can handle this. Just approach your bank for more clarification.

Insurance Certificate – This is needed to cover any loss or damage during shipping of the goods to Nigeria. You can approach any reputable insurance company for issuance. Insurance certificate will be need when raising Form M at the banks for imported goods.

Agency Certificate – The type of certificate will depend on  goods you are importing. For some manufactured goods; SONCAP will be issued by Standard Organization of Nigeria. For some Food items NAFDAC must issue import permit for goods. You will need the service of a freight forwarding company to explain to you the exact Agency certificate that will be needed for the shipping process.

Bill of Lading or AirWay Bill: This document is issued by shipping company that transport the goods from the ports of loading to Ports of Destination. The Bill of lading contain the information of the shipper, consignee and the notifying party of the imported goods, Ports of loading and Discharging are included in the document.

Commercial or Pro Forma Invoice: This monetary value declaration of goods. It always issued by the seller or the shipper of the goods. This invoice will be needed in two ways. For Form M and Pre Arrival Assessment Reports by the customs for import duty.

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