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Shipping and freight questions Nigerian importers and exporters #AskdistinctcushyFreight

  1. What are the services offers by Distinctcushy Freight?

Distinctcushy Freight is a Lagos based freight forwarding company in Nigeria that renders pick-up services, air and sea shipping, customs clearance service in Nigeria with global coverage.

  1. Do you ship from China, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, India, Dubai and other countries?

Yes, we move goods from a these countries. We are connected with partners which make it possible for shipping globally.

  1. What is your company shipping coverage?

Our shipping coverage is wide. We are operative in most countries. We are experts in sea freight. We handle Less Container Load and Full Container Load. Our air freight is effective due to relationship with most airlines operators worldwide. We have dedicated professional that will handle your goods from pick-up service up to delivery stage.

  1. Can your shipping company assist us to pay the shipper or the suppliers abroad?

We can assist in payment of goods to the supplier subject to our term and conditions. That mean the process of payment should be purchase only. No act of money laundering with be allowed. Remember, we are registered under the law, and we must embrace the policies that will enhance the economy positively.

  1. What are your air or sea shipping charges?

Our charges are competitive, compare to others. The air freight charges are based on weight either kilogram (kg) or pounds (lbs) of the goods. At times, volumetric weight of the goods may be applied for charges process. The sea freight charges may be per cubic meters (CBM) for less container load (LCL). The Full Container Load will be charged based on the size of the container 20ft or 40ft.

  1. Does your company assist on both shipping and customs clearance in Nigeria?

Yes, we assist on shipping your goods to Nigeria and even process the customs clearance at Nigerian sea ports and terminals.

  1. Can you give me discount on the quote sent?

We do give discount on most deal depending on the relationship and volume of the goods

  1. How do you charges for your freight services?

Our charges analyses are transparent. On air freight, we charge freight and customs clearance separate. On sea freight, ocean freight, terminal handling charges, and other documentations are quoted. Customs clearing in Nigeria is another face of payment.

  1. How long will my shipment or goods take for delivery?

Air freight is between 4 -10 working days for delivery. Sea cargo may take 20 to 45 days based on the ports of origin. Customs clearance will take 4 days if there is no problem with inspection agencies like SON, NAFDAC, Nigeria Customs Service and other agencies.

  1. Do you handle sensitive goods from Asian countries like China, Japan, India and Dubai?

We handle sensitive goods from China and other countries.

  1. How will I know when my shipment is ready for pickup?

You can track your goods with tracking code system. Better still, we will inform you on the status through SMS, phone and email. You can be rest assured that we will keep you updated.

  1. What type of goods can your shipping company handle?

We can handle normal goods, dangerous goods and hazardous goods. We have zero tolerance for substandard goods and contrabands, prohibited goods by government.


  1. Which companies or individual your company has assisted in terms of freight, customs clearance and delivery?

We have worked with varieties of companies and individuals. We have assisted companies ranging from large to small scale companies. You can visit our main website to see the few list of the companies.

  1. I have over 500kg of goods to import, can you advise on the shipping routes air or sea freight?

Using air freight depends on the urgency of the shipment. With the above weight, we will advise using sea freight if the need of goods is not urgent. It will be more cheaper using shipping sea freight.

  1. I have a small package from Dubai like 2kg; can you assist in shipping it?

With the small weight, it would be charges for minimum weight. It could be expensive compare to your budget. We can ship it if you agree with the shipping quote.

  1. Do you have minimum weight for shipping goods to Nigeria?

Yes, we have minimum weight for some countries. Example the minimum weight for USA shipping is 25 lbs and from China is 10kg. Contact us for your minimum weight on shipping quotes

  1. Why do I have to sign authorization form, submit my purchase receipts and identification cards for importing goods from USA to Nigeria?

This is the new policy with our freight forwarding partners. Recently, some customers shipped in some goods from USA that worth 3 million naira. It was later discovered those goods are stolen. Even some use third party credit cards, and fake USA phone number. This development is to cross check the validity of the shipper, the order purchase to avoid seizure by police and US customs.

  1. Why would my shipment be seized by USA customs services?

All the documents submitted to us will be filled by Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) in United States. If any document is found false or fake, your shipment may be on hold and delayed for shipping out. Your goods may either be released or confiscated. 

  1. What documents do I need to ship my goods from other countries through sea?

The goods in question depend on the nature. Nature of the goods will determine the type of agency license to have. The agencies are NAFDAC, SON, Quarantine and so on. The most important document is Form M to indicate what you are importing and the value of the goods. You can check for required import documents in Nigeria on our blog site.

  1. Does your shipping company offer door to door services for importers?

Yes, we offer door to door service. Distinctcushy Freight offers services from pick-up service, shipping, customs clearance to delivery in Nigeria. You can trust us for your next shipping needs.

  1. Does your company assist in issuing import documents on behalf of importers?

We can assist you on any issuance of document so far we have the authority to stand for you.

  1. I want to start export business in how can I start the business?

Many things are involved when it comes to export business. Please refer to our blog post on the requirements of starting export business in Nigeria.

  1. Can you assist in getting buyers for my products?

We only assist clients when they have secured business deals with buyers. We will only guide you on how to succeed on the transactions with the buyers. If you need links on how to get buyers on your products, you can download it on our website.

  1. Please can you advise the best shipping method terms between FOB or CIF?

It depends on the choice of the buyers. Most buyers will push CIF (Cost, insurance and Freight) to sellers. No buyer will tell you to do FOB as a business transaction. Especially, when the seller is new to them, I always advise people to stick to FOB because it is save.

  1. What is the best payment term from buyers do you advise?

Payment in any international deal is the most important aspect.  Best payment method is using letter of credit. Mind you, the letter of credit should be from the top 25 bank in the world. And the best letter of credit I will advise is standby letter of credit

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