International freight forwarding services in Nigeria

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International freight forwarding services

international freight forwarding company services company in Lagoa Nigeria


International freight forwarding services is an integral part of international trade. It helps in smooth running the international transactions from country of origin and country of destination. It is the core factor that facilitates exchange of goods from point of origin to delivery of the goods in any part of the world.

In this article, you will learn how international freight forwarding companies operate. You will be able under the basic and advance mode of operations of international freight forwarding. I will analyze in details phases of the supply chains in international shipping. Now, let’s begin the journey of understanding the concepts behind the shipping profession.

The major divisions of freight forwarding services are as follows:

The above divisions are the most important parts of all the services render by freight forwarding companies. Every aspects of the profession is needed for smooth transit of the shipments from country of origin to country of destination.

Freight consultancy services

Firstly, the freight forwarding company that wants to engage in international shipping services should be able to identify any problems and opportunities in the shipping industry. Consultancy is the first service any importer or exporter will request from the company. They will love to understand if there are any possibilities of engaging in such business at that moment.

Also, a freight forwarding company must be familiar with current rules and regulations with policies involve on every shipments. It should insight on every regulation that may apply to any nature of goods for shipping. This knowledge is paramount in order to understand which goods can be under import and export prohibition list in either countries of origin and destination.

Any efficient shipping company should be able to give advice on the best mode of transport. Majority of importer or exporter don’t know the best shipping method for their goods. At times, a client may think of using sea freight but a freight forwarder can advise on air freight base on the documentation that may be needed.

Documentation Services for cargoes

Documentation is a vital part of shipping process. It helps in proceeding on shipments on board either air or sea from country of origin as well as customs and other agencies clearance in country of destination.

List of documents for importation of goods to Nigeria:

  • Form M
  • Letter of Credit
  • Pre-Arrival assessment Report
  • Combine Certificate of Value and origin
  • Import permit
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • SONCAP certificate
  • SON product certificate
  • Phyto-sanitary certificate

List of documents for exportation of goods out of Nigeria

  • NXP form from Commercial bank
  • Certificate of quality
  • Packing list
  • Commercial invoice
Advanced logistics services

Logistics is heartbeat of International freight forwarding services. It assists in smooth supply chain in distribution of goods globally. A shipping company should be able facilitate pickup services from countries of origins and deliveries in countries of destinations.

Companies that assist in international shipping should have advance knowledge on how to provide transportation to importers and exporters. The company will be able to know the type of vehicles for a particular goods and how it would be packed to avoid damages during transit.

In conclusion, international freight forwarding companies assist in supply of goods and services. It helps moving goods from manufacturers to the end user or consumers.  In as much that no country in the world can perform economically with foreign exchange of goods, international freight forwarding services will be the centre of economics growth of any country.

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