Cost of Export Shipping from Nigeria seaports to seaports in India

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Cost of Export Shipping 20ft and 40ft Containers from Apapa, Tincan Island, Onne ports, Nigeria to the all seaports in India


The cost of export shipping 20ft and 40ft containers from Lagos seaports (Apapa and Tincan Island), Onne port, Nigeria to Major seaports (Tuticorin, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ennore, Kochi, Nhava Sheva, Vishakhapatnam)  in India will depend on the products, quantities, and the number of containers with the size. Nigeria's exporters always send goods to these seaports. Major export products are agricultural products from farms. These products serve as raw materials for most of the manufacturing companies in India.

In this article, we are to analyze the estimated cost of shipping containers full of products to major seaports in India. Firstly, let us examine the necessary documents required by the Nigeria customs service, the central bank of Nigeria, and the Nigeria Export Promotion Council to facilitate export proceedings.

  1. Export License by NEPC (Nigeria Export Promotion Council.
  2. NXP Form from Commercial Bank (for commercial-related goods)
  3. NCX Form from Bank (for non-commercial related goods)
  4. Proforma Invoice
  5. Packing list
  6. Certification reports from Pre-inspection Agencies, Nigeria Produce Inspection Service

Cost of export shipping from Lagos seaport to sea-ports in India

The major costs of shipping containers from Nigeria to India through sea freight are:

  1. Documentation process fees
  2. Freight charges from shipping lines
  3. Trucking from farm to port terminal
  4. cost of the goods

Let us analyze the calculations

  1. Freight charges; between $1200 to $4,500. This will depend on the shipping line rates and the port of destination in India.
  2. Nigeria Export Surpervision Scheme (NESS) fee: this amount is 0.5% of the total cost of the goods
  3. Handling charges: Customs brokers will determine the fees
  4. Local shipping and Terminal Charges:
  5. Loading at site
  6. Trucking fee: This will be determined by the distance to the port from the collection points
  7. Insurance Policy

List of major seaports in India 

There are over 76 seaports in India. For the purpose of this article, We are talking about the major seaports that Nigerian exporters send goods.

  1. Kochi Port- It is located on the southwestern coast of Willington Island, in Kerala, India. It is the second-largest natural seaport in India.
  2. Chennai port- It is located in Tamil Nadu. It is the largest port on the eastern coast of India.
  3. Tuticorin Port- It is located in the Gulf of Mannar, Tamil Nadu, India.
  4. Ennore Port- It  is located on the Coromandel Coast, Tamil Nadu, India.
  5. Jawaharlal Nehru port- It is located on the Eastern shore of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is the largest artificial port and the largest container port in India. This port is also called Nhava Sheva port because the villages name around its environment
  6. Marmagoa Port- It is located in the estuaries ofn river Juari in Goa, India. It is also a natural harbor.
  7. Kolkata Port- It is located in West Bengal and is the only riverline major port in India.
  8. Mangalore Port- It is located in Karnataka, India. It is deep water and an all-weather port. Mangalore Port is the only major port in Karnataka.
  9. Haldia port- It is located on the banks of the Hugli river, West Bengal, India. It is mainly used to share the export work with Kolkata Port and relieves some pressure from Kolkata Port.
  10. Mumbai Port- It is located in Maharashtra, India. Earlier it was located by the navies of Shivaji. It is the largest natural port and the busiest port in India.
  11. Paradip Port- It is located at the junction of the Mahanadi river and the Bay of Bengal in Odisha, India.
  12. Kandla Port- It is located in the Gulf of Kutch, Gujarat, India. It is known as a Tidal port and it is constructed after the partition. The Kandla Port is used to relieve the pressure on Mumbai Port. It is a well-known port because it is also acknowledged as trade free zone.
  13. Vishakhapatnam Port- It is located between Chennai port and Kolkata Port in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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