Shipping of goods from USA to Nigeria

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Shipping of goods from USA to Nigeria

First of all, I want my reader to know that shipping from USA to Nigeria is one of shipping routes that gets Nigerian cargo airports and sea ports busy. The main reason for buying goods in USA is because of the original specifications importers will enjoy. The goods range from fashions and apparels, auto spare parts, office and household accessories, beauty cream and oil, cars,  industrial equipment and others.

Shipping from USA to Nigeria Fraud alerts

With my experience over the years concerning goods from USA to Nigeria, fraud cases involve. Many importers will use third party credit cards detail to buy goods from online shops. Security operatives in United States of America always disturb freight partners because the consignees use the partners’ office addresses as shipping address on the importers’ billing address.

Furthermore, the fraud attitudes of the consignees can result in revoking the partners’ operation license. Hence, the relationship with the Nigerian freight forwarding company can be forfeited. The freight partners in USA always insist on (KYC) of every clients.

3 Documents for shipping of goods from USA to Nigeria

  • Authorization Forms: This is a form that both shipper and consignee will fill. This form will authorize the freight forwarding company in USA to ship the goods to Nigeria. The shipper will give all the details of consignee. Shipper gives out his email and phone number in order to verify the details in the Form.
  • Purchase Order receipts: The order receipt of goods is one of the requirements by US customs to allow the goods to be on board. They can decide to verify from the stores to verify the authenticity of the receipts. Whether you are shipping used items, there must be a receipt for proper documentation.
  • Government issued Identification Cards: Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) in USA use to verify the correlation of the authorization form’s details with the ID cards on the USA database. The shipper and the consignee will send their ID cards for verification. Nigerian Consignee will send either International passport or driving license.

In conclusion, a lot of shipment may experience delay at USA airports and seaports due to unavailability of any of these documents. Hence, the goods may be flagged as fraud and US Customs and TSA may request more clarifications from the shipper and freight forwarding company. To avoid these issues with your goods, you will need a reliable freight company in Nigeria to handle your goods from Pickup to delivery at your door steps.

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