Stages of International door to door cargo shipping in Nigeria

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Understanding the process of  international door to door shipping in Nigeria

Door to door cargo shipping is a freight forwarding service render by many international couriers shipping companies for pickup of goods from door steps of consignee. It is a origin to destination delivery service that allow the courier company to give the clients the quote for shipping goods from country of origin to country of destination with delivery feature. Door to door cargo shipping arrangement makes shipping of goods easily for the consignee.

Shipping of goods with door to door arrangement requires trust from the consignee and handling competence with the freight forwarding company. The company handling the job needs to understand the international customs regulations.

Benefits of door to door shipping to Nigeria

  • Free of multiple tracking of goods from different companies
  • Reduced cost of separate charges from different handling companies like pickup charges, freight charges, customs clearance and delivery charges

Stages of door to door cargo shipping explained

  • Pick up service for the clients
  • Shipping of goods
  • Customs clearance
  • Cargo Delivery services
Pick up service for the clients

This is the first stage in proceed of door to door cargo shipping. After the consignee and the shipper has agreed on the charges for shipping the goods. The shipper proceeds to pick up the goods either from the factories, offices, residences, and stores. The pickup address will be released to the shipper and the contact person in charge of the goods. This will enable the shipper to proceed to access to go at the location given. Also, shipping documentation will be prepared and the exact weight or dimension of the shipment can be determined.

Shipping and freight of goods

Sending goods out of country of origin to country of destination needs to be handled with professional company to avoid seizure at ports of arrival. Goods have to be carefully documented to avoid any discrepancies at ports of arrival.

Packaging of goods in pallets; whether air freight or sea cargo is important, because of nature of the goods. Some goods have to be packed with special packaging kits to avoid damages. Another reason for packaging is to reduce the shipping cost by either airline or shipping line. Airline can use volumetric weight to determine the freight charges if the volumetric weight is bigger than the actual weight of the goods. For sea cargo, cubic meters measurement of the goods can make difference in the cost of shipping ports of origin and also at the ports of destination.

Customs cargo  clearance at port Terminals

This is more important to any freight forwarding company especially in Nigerian ports. The process of getting goods cleared at port terminal can overwhelming if proper documentation is not in place. Discrepancies in information on like Bill of Lading, NAFDAC import permit, SONCAP, e-form M, and PAAR can cause delay at ports which may result in huge storage charges (demurrage) at terminal.

The cargo company handling door to door cargo shipment must make sure all documents are issued even before proceeding to pick up the goods from the suppliers. They have to make the consignee understand the process of getting goods cleared with Nigeria Customs service at Nigerian ports.

Cargo Delivery services

The beauty of international door to door shipping is scheduled delivery option. The shipping company should ensure delivering goods at the time agreed with the importers of the goods. Delivering goods in good conditions is more important. Goods must be prevented against all damages through insurance, effective packaging of the goods.

Are you planning to make use of door to door shipping plans? All you need is a reliable and competent company that can assure you of safety of goods and deliver as promise


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