Importance of freight forwarding consultancy in shipping of goods

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Importance of freight forwarding consultancy in shipping of goods


In every profession, the first process in executing tasks in the completing projects is consultations. Consultations processes identify issues, analyze processes, strategize phases and maximize productivity. Likewise, importers and exporters need to consult reliable freight forwarding company to assist in assessing the best methods approaches and mitigate risks before engaging on shipping of goods from one country to another. This will help in getting the best shipping experience and maximizing profit in business.

In this article, I will give reasons importers and exporters  need to consult freight forwarders before engaging or starting shipping process in Nigeria or in any other countries. Getting right consultation from a reliable freight forwarder is the best decision any importer or exporter can make because it will save him/her from having issues.

List of functions of freight forwarding company as consultant:

  1. Handling shipping process with ease
  2. Negotiating Best price for clients
  3. Advice on best shipping method
  4. Handling Customs Documentation process

Handling shipping process with ease

As a professional freight forwarder, I understand the stress involve in handling movement of goods from one place to another. Freight forwarders understand the best ways to handle or collect goods from shippers’ warehouses and factories. At times, freight forwarder will need to instruct shipper to adhere to certain instructions before they could arrange collections. When shipper or manufacturers handle shipping process, most times, there is always a problem either from port of origin or destination. I have experienced several issues, those importers and exporters abandon goods worth thousand dollars in seaports and airport. The issues may be wrong declarations on shipping documents or packing issues that the customs or any agencies will need to seizure or destroy the items.

Negotiating Best price for clients as Freight Forwarder

One of the factors that importers and exporters consider in choosing their freight forwarder is pricing structures. Importers and export will first check the price before other factors like competence, integrity and expertise. Freight Forwarding will check, compare and negotiate prices from airlines and shipping lines. They will advise on the best options to choose. Lower prices does not mean faster services in terms of handling and delivery.

Advice on best shipping method for importers and Exporters

Freight Forwarders understand the shipping industry and its markets. When a client approaches a good freight forwarder with some shipping details, the best methods will help in cost effectiveness. There are some shipment that shippers may think sea shipping using Less container load is the best whereas, air freight lifting should have been the best maybe due to documentation process costs or the customs clearance cost in Nigeria seaports.

Handling Customs Documentation process

Every shipment whether export or import requires customs documentation process. Freight Forwarder understands the best way to handle all documents issuance. To avoid frustration in shipping, you need the services of freight forwarding company to handle all documents.

In conclusion, freight forwarding consultancy is needed by the any shipper before taking steps in moving goods. We at Distinctcushy Global, we will help you to handle your next shipping project

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