How to start mini importation business in Nigeria

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How to start Mini importation business in Nigeria

Mini importation business in Nigeria is one of the ways to make cool cash as a Nigerian. Importation is the major business that many people depend on. Majority of consumable products and raw materials and semi-finished products are imported by Nigerians from China, India, USA, UK, Germany and other countries. This makes importation of goods to Nigeria profitable ventures.

In this article, you will learn how to import goods to Nigeria without burning your fingers. These are the things you will learn:-

How to choose fast selling products for mini importation business in Nigeria

The main reason for importing of goods to Nigeria by Importer is to have fast sales. Every importer needs to understand the economic market trends of some products. The importer should perform proper market survey for each product in line with the exchange rate. The importer has to understand the market structure of the needs of those products for customer satisfaction. The fast selling products are in high demand whether they are luxury or basic needs by Nigerians.

How to verify your suppliers for mini importation business

Importers that order goods on internet from online stores need to verify the suppliers in order to avoid fraud and delay of goods in Nigeria. Buyers have to find means of verification with online stores by taking some security measures of the website and the seller credentials.

Physical vetting can be performed by the buyers’ freight forwarders in the country of purchase. This can be done if the buyers insist on payment on sighting the goods. The buyers can also push Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) for trading terms. The will make the transfer of fund easy by using bank to bank transaction.

How to choose cheap shipping methods for your mini importation business in Nigeria

Shipping methods will depend on the volume of the goods from the suppliers. The international freight forwarding companies always assist in choosing the best shipping method in consideration of cost and time of delivery. Air freight forwarding is best when the importer can afford the cost and the time for delivery will be fast. Sea cargo shipping cost is based on the per cubic meters of goods though, the clearing cost at Nigeria ports may be high because of the import duty and the other terminal and shipping charges.

How to market imported products in Nigeria for mini importation business

The importer needs to have known the marketing strategies to put in place in order to sell the imported goods in Nigeria. Most goods can be sold out to Nigerians by having shops at market places. Online marketing can also be added advantage. The importer can host a mini ecommerce shop for fast online shopping by Nigerians. Importers can advertise on social media link Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Nairaland Forum.

The ball is in your court, play it as you like. If you need guidance on some issues, you can contact some international freight forwarding companies for further assistance.

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