How to choose the best freight forwarding companies in Nigeria and around the world

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Every importer and exporter looks forward to security of his shipment, update of the status of the goods location and on-time delivery of his goods while shipping goods with freight forwarding companies. Freight Forwarders are the agents that assist in smooth shipping of goods with the shipping lines and airliners. Freight forwarding companies should be equipped with information about the current policy concerning the particular goods for shipping from the exporters and importers.

Most exporters and importers fall victims of certified fraudsters that cluster themselves in freight and logistics industry. They have well furnished offices. They have accounts with most banks in Nigeria. Some things they lack are integrity, transparency and reputations with their customers.

In Nigeria, there is numerous companies that venture into shipping and freight forwarding services without deep knowledge of the industry. These companies manipulate charges and do not deliver goods to their clients. Some may to rude to the customer because of money defrauded.

How to choose the best freight forwarding companies without burning your finger

Ask for services'  reviews of the company from customers

The best way to get review of a freight forwarding company is from forum websites and Google review. Some may put best rate reviews on their website. Go to popular forum websites like, and others. Just type the name of the company on the forum search bar. You can get what others say about their services.

Up-time response to customers' requests and enquiries

 A good company should be able to respond to every request or enquiry of customers. Most  Freight Company do neglect their customer because they are making sample enquiry from the company and may likely not check back. The way request are treated may prompt the customer to reconsider the use of the company services.

International Partnership

This is important to smooth operations of inbound and outbound of goods for customers. A good company should be able to partner with other companies abroad.

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